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Used Car Pre Purchase Inspection Service In Dubai (PPI)

Deutsches Auto Service provide a comprehensive Used Car Pre Purchase Inspection in Dubai.  We understand the importance of financially investing into a vehicle is to our clients – after all, buying a car is one of the largest purchases you will make, second only to buying a home.

We examine your car from bumper to bumper, taking notes, photographs and videos. Our experienced inspection technicians check more than 33 different points, including the vehicle’s body and major mechanical and interior components.

Our comprehensive pre purchase inspection includes:


  • Windshield free of cracks
  • Body panel colours match
  • Paint Depth Gauge consistency
  • Corrosion in seams
  • Body panel allignment check
  • Weather strip in good shape
  • Free of body scratches and chips
  • Free of body dents
  • Rims scuffed or dented
  • Shallow tire-tread depth or uneven wearing
  • Spare jack, lugnut & tire present and not missing.


  • Seats unworn and free of cracks
  • Trunk opens and closes smoothly
  • Doors open and close smoothly
  • Heavy scent of air freshener (may indicate
  • something is being concealed)
  • All gauges, button, and knobs work
  • No dashboard warning lights
  • remain illuminated
  • Stereo works
  • Heater works
  • Air conditioner functional and at the correct temperature
  • Windshield wipers work
  • Windshield wiper fluid dispenses properly
  • All seats equipped with functional seat belts
  • All seats adjust properly
  • Power windows operate properly
  • Trunk and driver-side door lock
  • and unlock with key
  • Hazard lights function properly
  • Dashboard free of cracks of touch up paint
  • Headliner intact and sun visor functional


  • Free of fluid or oil leaks
  • Oil filler neck not coated with black deposits.
  • Battery terminals free of corrosion
  • Oil dip stick free of dark, black oil
  • Free of odors while engine is running
  • Exhaust pipe emissions are neither blue (indicates engine burns oil) or black


  • Car steers straight and does not pull when brakes applied
  • Brakes do not feel “squishy”
  • Emergency brake functional
  • Steering wheel dos not vibrate while driving
  • No clicking noises while turning
  • No sound or vibration during braking
  • Condition of discs and pads


  • Service and repair records available
  • Owner has legal ownership (Title)
  • Car manual

A vehicle can look perfectly normal on the outside however it is unknown to the buyer whether the car was previously salvaged, flood damaged, major bodywork repairs or if the chassis still has intergrity. Over the years, we have saved many of our clients from major heart aches and potential problems.

It takes approximately 2 hours to complete a pre purchase inspection. Upon completion, we can send the report to you via Whatsapp or email along with pictures and videos of any issues we find with the vehicle; we can offer a written estimate upon request. An estimate can provide you, the buyer, leverage for negotiating a reasonable offer on the vehicle. You will also have peace of mind, knowing an experienced and trustworthy technician has inspected your new vehicle. We avoid disclosing information of the report to the seller before contacting the buyer, as we value the buyer first and understand that priority of the pre purchase inspection report must be given to whom is purchasing the vehicle.

We ensure that our tools and technicians are up to date with the latest technology and diagnostic procedures so that the pre-purchase inspection carried out is accurate and concise. We look out for your best interest. We will be honest and upfront about the condition of your potential car, and we will provide you with all the information, so you can make an informed decision.

Here at DAS Center, we would like to be your “Go To Workshop” for your Pre-Purchase Auto Inspections in Dubai. Our technicians are extremely skilled and trustworthy. Our goal is to ensure you are prepared to make the best purchasing decision possible.

Call us to arrange a pre purchase inspection:

Mobile : +971 52 323 2832
Whatsapp : +971 52 323 2832
Email Us : here

Dubai Pre-Purchase Inspection

As we are a full auto service and repair facility in Dubai, we can put together a maintenance and repair plan that protects your investment and fits your budget and goals.

Pre-Purchase Inspection FAQ

Can the inspection be undertaken without me being present?

Yes it can. Customers are not required to be present when having an inspection undertaken. After the inspection you will receive a report either by Whatsapp or email and you’ll be able to discuss this with the technician, either in person or by phone.

Does the inspection come with a warranty?

Inspections do not come with a warranty. The purpose of the inspection is to help give the customer an honest a true reflection of the state of the vehicle.

Do I get a report after the inspection?

Yes. You can choose for your report to be either sent via Whatsapp or emailed to you immediately after the inspection is complete.

How quickly can I get an inspection?

We offer same-day bookings. Please allow approximately 2 hours for the inspection.

Can the mechanic check these extra things?

No problem. If you have any specific and additional checks you would like the mechanic to look at please let us know when booking your car in.