Car tuning

Professional Custom Car Tuning Center In UAE – Dubai, Abu Dhabi

At Deutsches Auto Service Center, our technicians and engineers have years of combined experience in enhancing vehicle performance both mechanically and electronically. When professionally undertaken, upgrading the performance of a car vastly improves its’ roadworthiness and driving experience. We pride ourselves in maintaining a high standard of workmanship and quality when enhancing the performance of luxury vehicles including Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Audi, BMW, Mercedes.

If you need to have your luxury vehicle upgraded and maintained, entrust it in the hands of experienced specialists at Deutsches Auto Service Center.

Enhancing Power And Torque For Optimum Performance And Efficiency

With our ever-growing team of specialist technicians and engineers, we offer high quality software calibration solutions to unleash your engine’s natural potential. We carry out specialist chip tuning also commonly known as remapping that is custom-made to your vehicle to bring out its maximum potential for the UAE, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. We own a state of the art 2000BHP 4WD dyno used to accurately measure and tune the performance of most vehicles.

The ECU serves as the central control system that manages an array of performance aspects of a vehicle, including electronic throttle control, boost control, for turbocharged engines, automatic transmission, electronic stability control, and anti-lock braking.

By making measured adjustments to the software of the vehicle, we can increase efficiency and performance without jeopardising fuel economy and safety.

30 Years Of Experience In Automotive Performance Engineering Brought To Dubai, Abu Dhabi, And The UAE

Remapping and reprogramming an ECU is a highly technical and intricate procedure and should only be conducted by experts who have ample experience. Here at Deutsches Auto Service Center, our technicians have both the knowledge and skill to conduct tuning on a vast array of high end sports and luxury vehicles.

Rest assured, your performance vehicle will be taken care of by trained, experienced technical personnel. Unlock your vehicles true potential today through our expert chip programming here at DAS Center.