Car AC repair

Keep cool throughout Dubai summers with expert car AC repair

Having properly functioning car air conditioning is essential in facing the heat of the desert. Here at Deutsches Auto Service Center, we offer professional services for car AC repair in Dubai to ensure that you do not have to suffer through the sweltering summer heat. With our services designed for high end luxury European cars, we are able to offer specialist AC maintenance on car brands that other automotive workshops simply cannot.

Detailed And Fine-tuned Air Conditioning Maintenance For Your Vehicle

A modern luxury vehicle is a very complicated piece of machinery. Much attention and effort has been put into perfecting the design and inner workings of the finished product. As such, much like maintaining an array of complex computer systems, maintaining the car AC system also requires precise attention. With that in mind, we here at Das Center are firmly committed to delivering the highest quality service to our clients. Our in-house technicians and specialists combine significant industry experience with a comprehensive understanding of car air conditioning repair in order to deliver a highly reliable and targeted service. We will check the condenser of the climate system to ensure that it is working properly. If you are having problems with a refrigerant leak, we will replace the seal and restore it to its perfect condition. If you are having problems with clogging, our field personnel will flush the system and proceed with any cleaning required. We can conduct a complete diagnostics test in order to identify the specific targets for air conditioning repair, and address the concerns individually.

A Complete Range Of Repair Services In Dubai

We offer a wide array of service solutions including but not limited to the replacement and repair of the following:

  • Seals, O-rings, and hoses
  • Compressors & clutches
  • Blower motors
  • Electronic systems, controls, relays and switches
  • Condensers and evaporators